NGHTMRE Flips Oliver Tree

Recently I was hit with a massive remix from festival destroying legend NGHTMRE when he flipped eccentric, bowl cut wearing, scooter riding maniac Oliver Tree’s single, “Hurt”.  The already heavy hitting, angsty anthem has been one of Oliver’s biggest releases to date, and with the support of. A NGHTMRE remix, it has only helped to further penetrate the industry.  

With NGHTMRE’s flip, he opts for a melodic alternative mix that perfectly compliments Oliver Tree’s dissonant and aggressive vocals.  With a somewhat Pop leaning arrangement, NGHTMRE brings some gritty synth along with some heavy drum programming to add just the right amount of oomph. 

With the original having already racked up over 20m streams on Spotify alone, NGHTMRE became thoroughly enthused about the idea of an official remix.  Deciding to bring a melodic and vibes feel to the track, the duo performed the track for the first time at this year’s Coachella.  


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