SJI Debuts With Saucy Single ‘Neighbours’

Raised in Denmark, new artist SJI is ready to leave her mark on the industry, starting with the release of her debut single, “Neighbours”.  Raised in an eclectic musical household, the stand out artist with silky smooth vocals has been immersed in music nearly her whole life.  Now ready to show the world what she is made of, SJI has set the bar high with her first offering.On, “Neighbours”, an undeniably sexy vibe takes hold from the very beginning, blending elements from contemporary R&B, Neo Soul and Pop into a beautifully crafted, dynamic and sultry new single.  Speaking on her sound SJI offers, “My sound is inspired by my own inner battles and urge to break free and push my own as well as other people’s limits. My music is all about uplifting one another through being authentic and having courage to be who you really are.

Over a slick, synthetic beat SJI not only flexes her vocal abilities, but also puts her penchant for melody on full display.  Ear worm melodies carry the tune from beginning to end while heart racing lyrics set the mood – this song is crafted for the bedroom.  Coming out of the gate with such a strong debut, I have no doubt that SJI has a whole lot more in store for 2019 and beyond.  Make sure you start to pay attention now.


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