Mogul Flips Josh Tobias & Berry Juice ‘Messin’ Around’

Recently I was hit with a new remix from producer Mogul for RDFO fav Josh Tobias and Berry Juice’s single, “Messin’ Around”.  Having already made waves with the original, the new remix kicks things up a notch, raising the levels of funk and upping the groove to create a smooth, sexy and vibrant release. 

With the attitude laced vocals leading the way, Mogul builds with slick guitar riffs, dissonant chords and a bubbling plucked bassline further enhanced by slick synths, melodic embellishments and a whole lot of sauce.  The totally danceable tune brings a laid back, summertime vibe to the tune – making it perfect for any DJ planning an open air, poolside or lounge set this summer.  

While this may not be the festival banger you’ve been searching for, in my opinion, it brings a whole lot more to love.  Dynamic, sexy and smooth – a quality edit from beginning to end. 


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