TAELA Shows Off Impressive Vocals On Debut Single ‘Bang’ [VIDEO]

Hailing from St. Louis, newcomer TAELA has just burst onto the scene with her debut single, “Bang”.  Having fallen in love with music as a young child, the singer/songwriter has been honing her skills and developing her impressive vocals ever since.  

On her debut, a chill and bouncy production sets the tone while TAELA absolutely dominates the track with her raw, infectious and powerful vocal stylings.  With an impressive range and dynamic control, TAELA brings contemporary melodies and an undeniable swag to her debut single, setting the tone for what feels poised to be an impressive career as a solo artist.About then inspiration behind the tune, TAELA says, “Bang is about recognizing the toxic things in your life (relationships, friendships, addiction, etc.) and finally deciding to run from them and never look back. I think we’ve all been in a situation where we know something is bad for us but keep going back to it because it’s familiar or just feels good temporarily. My hope for this song is to encourage people to let themselves be free from that and hit the ground running!”

Coming out of the gate with such a high-energy tune, I for one can’t wait to hear what’s up next.  Make sure you give her a follow on her socials and keep tabs – I know I will be. 


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