updog Drops debut Single ‘Hurt’

Hailing from Holland, new artist updog has recently released his debut single, “Hurt“, on Cloudkid Records and it is a beautiful dark slice of Alternative Electronica.  With verses built around haunting vocals, carried by mellow guitar melodies and supported by floating ambient textures, the track builds into a heavy drop that helps to up the anti.

As an artist who thrives off of his own insecurities you can feel the angst oozing from every aspect of the release – from the production to the lyrics and right into the artwork.  What stands as an emotive and solid new release from the fresh faced artist, it seems updog is only getting started.

About this release, he says, “The song is about a girl who’s in an extremely toxic and abusive relationship. I wrote it from my point of view, me trying to reach out and help, but effectively not being able to get through. I haven’t had this exact experience myself, but I know many women who suffer from being in abusive relationships, who feel so powerless they will literally shut down all their senses and not allow anyone in. I’m frustrated in this song, because i can’t understand why she won’t reach out. But that’s obviously the classic outsider/male perspective, where you cannot possibly comprehend or empathize with what that person is going through. Metaphorically, it transcends beyond just this. To me it represents people’s ability to continually be in denial about things they know are ruining them. Whether that’s a relationship, food you consume, products you consume, things you say,or talk about yourself. I myself am guilty of this all the time.

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