H3NRY THR!LL Keeps Things Hot for the Summer

Hailing from Washington, D.C., 16 year old H3NRY THR!LL has been making waves with his impressive, bass heavy house tunes.  Having been writing music since the age of 12, He has spent an endless amount of time honing his skills, studying and building up his production prowess while steadily gigging as a DJ and releasing an impressive catalog despite his young age.  From originals to remixes, there is little that H3NRY THR!LL is afraid of when it comes to pushing his sound.

Recently H3NRY THR!LL has been hard at work in the studio stacking up some tunes, but he has also been able to keep fans excited with some new tunes.  Within the last month he has dropped this impressive flip of Louis the Child as well as delivered his new single. His new single, “Hands Up High“, once again puts heavy basslines and pumping drums front and center.  Energetic and dirty, H3NRY TH!LL’s music is infiltrating the clubs one jam at a time.


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