Collin Selman Hypnotizes with New Single ‘dayDREAM’

19 year old Texas native Collin Selman, is preparing to release his debut project later this year, and recently he has given fan a glimpse of what’s to come with the release of his second single, “dayDREAM“.

The minimal, haunting and hypnotic tune sees Collin swaying over ominous synths, bringing an originality that makes it hard to put him in a lane.  Transforming from beginning to end, the track is far from cookie cutter – showing Collin Selman as a distinct and diverse artist.  Super chill, yet kinds of abrasive and anxiety inducing, “dayDREAM“, brings a vibe that grabs you from the very beginning and pulls you in.

While this may be far from anything I would normally knock, there is no question there is something about this tune that has me hooked.  When I figure out exactly what it is – I will let you know… but until then give it a spin.


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