Irish Artist Paddy Mahon Releases Second Single ‘Home’

Over the past year or so, I have seen an influx in submissions from independent Irish artists – and a number of them have landed firmly on my radar.  My latest favorite find comes from 22 year old Paddy Mahon who has spent the last several years homing his sound and growing his fan base via impressive covers online.  

Now ready to make waves of his own, Paddy Mahon has begun to unleash his original material into the world, with his latest single, “Home”, out today.  The guitar driven  jam puts Paddy’s signature raspy vocals and impressive lyricism on display as driving rhythms keep the tune pushing from beginning to end.  The uplifting yet somber tune serves as his second single and helps to further cement his sound and status as one of Ireland’s most exciting new artists. 

Pulling inspiration from artists like Jamie T, Kodaline and Matt Maeson, Paddy Mahon is slowly but surely carving out a lane of his own in the scene.  If like me, this is the first time you have heard of the young rising artist, I suggest you start paying attention now – I am sure he has a lot more beautiful jams up his sleeve. 


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