Stellar Summer Vibes with Julian Daniel [VIDEO]

Canada has been on fire lately – It seems it is nearly daily at this point that I am finding something super fresh from our neighbors to the north.  Adding to my list of Canadian favs is new addition, Toronto based Julian Daniel.  Recently his new single, “Lemontree”, landed in my inbox and it has been helping maintain my mood ever since. 

Having grown up in a musical family and having participated in musical theatre from a young age, Julian Daniel has always had a love for music.  Since launching his solo career just last year, Julian has found his stride creating radio friendly, Indie leaning Pop jams that appeal to audiences far and wide.  With hundreds of thousands of streams already under his belt, Julian Daniel continues to push his sound via a string of well recorded singles.  

His latest offering, “Lemontree”, is a vibrant, summertime jam that features a smooth duet, ambient textures and a danceable beat.  The mellow, ultra-relaxing tune brings just enough energy to get you moving, while making sure to stay minimal enough to let the lyrics ring.  The hypnotic jam is yet another stand out release for the budding artist and without a doubt helps to solidify his place in the Toronto Pop scene.  Do yourself a favor and add this mood booster to your playlists – you won’t be disappointed. 


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