If You Don’t Like Abe Parker – You’re ‘Just Jealous’ [VIDEO]

It was only a few short weeks ago that we were introduced to Atlanta based Ohio born artist Abe Parker via his song, “Cool Kid”.  Showing no sign of letting up, the Indie Pop artist has now unleashed his end of summer anthem, “Just Jealous”.  

Delivered along with a playful official video, the new tune once again puts Abe’s stellar Pop sensibilities and impressive songwriting on full display, penning a tune about being in love and not caring what people think about it.  Over a clean and minimal beat, Abe Parker delivers earworm melodies with his signature raspy, dynamic vocals.  The catchy new tune brings a bubbly feel that is the perfect mix of attitude, sincerity and IDGAF.

Having already put some impressive numbers on the board while also having toured from Maine to California and shared the stage with acts such as Andy Grammer, Johny Swim, Ben Rector, Judah and the Lion, Andrew Ripp and David Crowder (to make a few), Abe Parker is slowly but surely making his presence known in the Pop world – bring his own signature sauce to the scene one tune at a time.  Do yourself a favor and start paying attention now.


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