Jive Miguel Teams Up with Don Altae for Debut Single ‘Thinkin’ Bout’

Based in Nashville, producer/songwriter Kelly FitzGerald has been behind the scenes helping to make hits alongside artists like Bobby Feeno, Hit-Boy, Xavier Omar and emerging pop group, DOUBLECAMP.  While most of his credits have come attached to someone else up to this point, Kelly is now ready to start sharing the music he has been making on the side with the world.

Birthed from an urge to express his creativity, build up his catalog and refine his sound, Kelly Fitzgerald has recently begun releasing his own original tunes under the moniker Jive Miguel.  With hopes of delivering an authentic blend of Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop, Jive Miguel has teamed up with Don Altae for his debut single, “Thinkin’ Bout”.  The crisp, sexy, emotive new tune features lush sonic textures with layered keys and guitar licks bathed in reverb floating beneath deep basslines and punchy drums while the seductive, attitude laced vocal sways on top.  

With a mid-tempo groove to set the pace, the single churns along, hypnotizing the listener and pulling them in close to make sure it all has maximum impact.  With a large pool of talented collaborators on his speed dial, Jive Miguel isn’t quite here to steal the spotlight, but rather to show his skills in a new light.  With a promise of more music to come, there is no doubt that, “Thinkin’ Bout”, will get listeners excited help to tie us over until we hear what’s next.  We’re here for it. 


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