DallasK Closes Out Massive Summer with New Single ‘I Know’

If you have been paying any attention to the EDM world over the last several years, I would be hard pressed to imagine that you haven’t heard of DallasK.  While he has been lining up massive collaborations and dropping stand out originals for some time now, it seems to be lesser known that he has also been helping craft some of today’s biggest Pop hits alongside artists like Ariana Grande, Lauv, Katy Perry, Zedd, Chromeo, Kashmir, Kesha and Fifth Harmony.

The 28 year old multi-platinum producer has been steadily leaving his mark on the music industry – whether you are paying attention or not.  Following up on his last single, and undisputed summer anthem, “Sometimes”, with Nicky Romero and XLYØ, DallasK is now back with a brand new smash.  His latest single, I Know”, is a brilliant cross-over record that brings major commercial appeal along with a danceable groove and will without a doubt work everywhere – from the club to the airwaves.  Serving as the perfect love song for back to school season, “I Know”, features Pop leaning vocals, bubbling basslines, synthetic horn ensembles and a Funky Electro vibe that keeps the listener hooked from beginning to end.

Released on his own label Amigo Records via Musical Freedom, DallasK is ready to continue pushing boundaries and lighting up the charts with his latest turn.  DallasK is without a doubt one of the hottest new talents – capable of creating stand-our songs that can make you both dance and cry at the same time.


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