JAM OF THE WEEK: Ben Esser – Stripes (feat. emawk & Beau Diako)

It was quite recently that we brought you the dope debut single, “Buttermilk“, from from UK guitar wunderkind Beau DiakoWith that track still spinning heavily in my playlist, talented producer Ben Esser has just unveiled his new tune, enlisting Beau Diako and emawk for his comeback track, “Stripes“.  Since moving to Berlin in 2015 and finding his first major success with debut single, “Love You More“, Ben Esser has taken a step back from his own release schedule to work to help craft stand out jams for other artists.  Most notably his work with Noah Slee on his critically acclaimed debut album “Otherland“, has helped to cement his spot as one of the more sought after producers in the game.With credits on tracks alongside artists like Wayne Snow,  Jordan Rakei, Izzy Bizu, Alxndr London, German rapper Kelvyn Colt, US rapper Denzel CurryBLVTH, Drunken Masters and Portugal. the Man, Ben Esser has been hard at work even if you haven’t heard from him in a while.

With his new offering, “Stripes“, Ben Esser says he wanted to be, “cautious not to overcomplicate or overproduce the music,” opting for a laid back, clean, precise tune that brings all the vibes.  Lasting just over two minutes, the brilliant, border crossing collaboration is a transformative and jazzy tune that relies on impressive arrangements, interesting instrumentation and an unbelievably clean mix to deliver a stunning vibe that permeates from every note – feeling like a cohesive blend of, “raw moments of pure inspiration.



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