Jamar Rogers Teams Up with Tebogo Lekgau for Comeback Single ‘Togetherness’

After a bit of a hiatus, former The Voice finalist and powerhouse vocalist Jamar Rogers, partners with young South African producer Tebogo Lekgau for his latest single, “Togetherness“.  While Jamar brings a bit of Soul into everything he touches, his latest offering brings a bit of an experimental vibe to it that helps to show, this time around, he is here to take some risks, make music from the heart and not let anything get in his way.
The cross-continental jam celebrates exploring a new relationship and is filled with trapped out drums, vintage soul progressions and funky African rhythms.  The intriguing new single is a blur of influences and a mix of textures – from heavy bass hits to glitchy vocal shops and unrelenting percussion.
After competing on American Idol and becoming a finalist on The Voice, Jamar Rogers signed with the legendary Tommy Boy Entertainment. After amicably parting ways, Jamar took a year off to fine-tune his sound. His first release as an independent act showcases his smooth vocals (compared to a modern-day Otis Redding) on a head-nodding beat.


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