Kristopher James Stuns With New Album ‘Kindness Never Quits’

Hailing from The Sunshine State, singer/songwriter Kristopher James has been infatuated music nearly his whole life.  Inspired by artists like Otis Redding, Amos Lee, Boys II Men, Garth Brooks and Roberta Flack, Kristopher James has been able to build a career by making standout tunes that rely on impressive musicality and contemporary stylings.  While his childhood was filled with making mixtapes and writing inconsequential poems in a book, his teenage years found him starting to really develop as an artists. 

After conquering the drum set, Kristopher James continued to master his craft, teaching himself guitar, piano and even more impressively – how to sing.  While his sound has swayed over the years, his past works have helped to cement him as an Americana-Soul force to be reckoned with.  Shortly after becoming a father, Kristopher James penned and released his debut, breakout single, “My Heart Wasn’t Ready”, which was the first of four tracks that turned into his debut EP.Since finding major acclaim from his local scene and beyond, Kristopher James has continued to wow audiences at venues like iconic Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia, to the Capitol Theater in Clearwater, Florida.  Most recently he has unveiled his first full length offering, a brand new 9-track album called, “Kindness Never Quits”.  

Carried by tunes like, “The Very Start”, featuring Moorea Masa, the new project is as impressive as it is dynamic, seeing the buzzing Bay Area based artist take classic sounds and updating them for a whole new generation.  From intricate instrumentation to slick arrangements insanely clean mixes, everything about this new project is on point.  While I often have a hard time getting into such contemporary feeling tunes, there is no question here about the level of talent and expertise here – and that makes it well worth listening to – and even more worth supporting.  Keep scrolling and check out the full album below.  


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