ARTST, Sip Skylark & Remmus Launch New Collaborative Project

Last week I was blessed with a jam in our inbox by new artists, ARTST, Sip Skylark and Remmus.  Their debut single, “Sadist”, is a fresh and totally danceable tune that relies on bubbling basslines, dreamy pads and rhythmic synths to create an outright groove.  With a Nu-Disco appeal and R&B leaning vocals the track brings a bit of bounce beneath catchy hooks, memorable lyrics and a ton of swag that perfectly compliment the lush electronic soundscapes.

While all parties involved are no strangers to the solo world, the new release as a first taste of what’s to come from the collaborators.  About the release, they say, “This was a track that came about in the most unlikely ways, really quickly and we decided to release it quickly. It’s something that we had all experienced as the writers/artists. We all have other artist projects and decided to release this as new artist names because we wanted to keep this sound unique and keep releasing more music with the same sound. We are keeping our names under the radar for now.


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