Trizz Keeps Em Coming with ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

While LA based MC Trizz has been at it for a number of years, he has not once pumped the brakes.  While grabbing the hearts of Inland Empire and support from industry heavy weights, Trizz has amassed an impressive catalog over the course of his career, racking up millions of streams and tearing down stages from the US to the UK.  With over 12 albums, 40+ videos and more than a handful of singles out, Trizz makes sure to never slack – always keeping his fans on their toes.

Fresh off the release of his collaborative project with Sahtyre, Trizz is back on NYC label Tommy Boy with his latest slap, “Hell’s Kitchen“.  Produced by OSYM Beats, the new single sees Trizz team up with fellow label mate Jaeo Draftpick and hometown homie Cal-E-Clipz to create a smooth, laid back undercover slap.  With each artist taking a verse to flex, the 3 flavors blend perfectly to deliver a must have tune for your playlists.


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