Tentendo Flips GOLDA’s ‘Jaded’

While I may be a bit late to hop on the GOLDA train, Tentendo is a whole different story.  Having been following the AUS producer for the last couple of years, there is rarely anything he touches that I don’t fall in love with – and his new remix for anonymous Berlin duo GOLDA is the perfect example of everything I can’t get enough of.

Following up on the release of their debut EP, “The GOLDA Complex”, last year, the edgy, new school R&B duo have continued to push through 2019 with a number of releases including their massive, “NsfW”, remix by DRKTMS.  Now ready to release a pack of remixes from their debut project, they have just unleashed this Tentendo flip – and it is an absolute vibe.  

Bringing a bit of a Kaytranada vibe, Tentendo relies on thicc basslines, pitched vocals, oscillating synths, sporadic embellishments and oh so much groove to turn the already scorching tune into an undeniable club bomb.  Far from a main stage festival banger, this tune is half slow jam and half dance floor filler, inviting listeners to move in close and get their bodies swaying.  

Do yourself a favor and add this to your bins. 


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