Blaque Rose drops sultry new visual for “Funky Vibe”

Hailing from the introspective landscapes of the Pocono Mountains, retro-pop artist Blaque Rose releases a fresh new visual for his sultry single “Funky Vibe”. Animated by Pitchfork motion designer Anthony Esquivel and shot by Denz with the Lenz, “Funky Vibe” keeps it retro with a vaporwave-esque aesthetic and a 1980’s feel of vibrant colors and crazy patterns. It’s always a beautiful thing when a visual pairs perfectly with the song’s melodic vibe. His use of nostalgic synths and drum patterns has pulled listeners in from all over the world. According to Blaque Rose, his music has taken off overseas first; for example, art communities might use it as background sounds when presenting their artwork. It’s taken off in a way that was unexpected, but very much welcomed and appreciated by him and his team.

Inspiration comes from artists like David Bowie, Nirvana, and Jimi Hendrix – these artists carry a consistent ethos that matches that of Blaque Rose. “Funky Vibe” precedes a wealth of new music, set to be released in early 2020. You can follow Blaque Rose on Facebook or Instagram for updates!

Be sure to check out the video below!


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