ARY Drops New Anthem ‘Bring Me Home’ [VIDEO]

It is not everyday that I get submissions from Portugal… in fact this may be a first.  Just this week, the new single, “Bring Me Home”, from Lisbon based Alternative Electro-Rock group ARY landed in my inbox, and it has been pumping up my morning commute ever since.  

The powerful new tune is an impressive display of genre-bending flavors – from lush layers of synths to anthemic hooks and a bit of a dancefloor appeal, ARY are able to create a memorable tune that is full of edge and depth.  Opening with percolating melodies and atmospheric pads, the tune quickly picks up with deep basslines and the introduction of the vocals all leading to the massive chorus.  

Having launched the project in just 2017, ARY continues to build upon their growing catalog with their latest single.  Unafraid to take risks and create whatever comes from the heart, I have no doubt ARY are looking to have another great year in 2020. 


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