We Can’t Get Enough of New Artist Kate Vogel

Based in Nashville, new artist Kate Vogel only launched her solo career a few short months ago.  Since then she has delivered a number of beautifully emotional jams and I can’t help but feel she has a whole lot more up her sleeve.  With her debut single, “Reasons to Stay“, recently crossing the coveted 1M stream mark, there is no doubt that Kate Vogel is on to something.

When her single, “The Grave”, landed in my inbox, it immediately struck me.  Not only impressed by her concise and delicate vocals, Kate was able to tug at my heartstrings – the lyrics cut deep.  Sometimes, when songwriters pull from real emotion and unbearable pain, you can’t help but hear their soul cry through their music.  For, “The Grave”, Kate says, “The Grave is about the funeral of my best friend who died tragically in a car crash and the deep pain that accompanies tragic loss.

Kicking off the new year, Kate Vogel has recently unveiled another stunning tune, titled, “The Cycle“.  Yet another shining example of her knack for storytelling and once again putting her impressive vocals on full display, Kate pens a somber and emotive tune that is as liberating as it is soul crushing.  Pulling once again from her past and wearing her heart on her sleeve, Kate lays it all on the line as she faces her demons and promises to find a way to free herself of her past traumas.  About the track she says, “13 years of child abuse. Trauma is passed down from generation to generation until someone decides to heal. I decided that I’m going to be the last one in the bloodline. The cycle ends with me.


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