JAM OF THE WEEK: Neon Dreams – Turn Back Now

Canadian duo Neon Dreams are riding high after a massive 2019.  While they have been hard at work for a number of years, last year the sought to push new boundaries with their sound and began to craft timeless tunes that cross borders and break down barriers.  With the release of their debut project, “Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams“, finding critical acclaim and several tracks finding heavy support on radio, Neon Dreams have a new found hunger and are pushing even harder into the new year.

Since premiering their new single on Billboard, Neon Dreams have once again found a way to connect with the masses with their new Alt-Pop smash, “Turn Back Now“.  Inspired by frontman Frank Kadillac witnessing his mother go through chemotherapy and beat cancer, the new single is one of their most personal and touching tracks to date.  Uplifting, inspiring and just the right amount of sad and happy, “Turn Back Now“, is built around earworm melodies and an incredibly clean guitar driven production that will have you bopping and singing along by the second hook.

While things may jut be really getting rolling for the multi-talented duo, I can’t help but think they have a whole lot more up their sleeves.  Make sure you keep any eye on these guys this year.


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