Mickey Valen Enlists Emilia Ali for Dark Pop Smash ‘Ur Perfect I Hate It’

If you haven’t yet heard of Mickey Valen – you must not be paying much attention.  Over the last several years, the multi-talented producer has released a number of smashes and has come one the the most sought after producers in the Electronic Pop lane.  With an impressive resume already under his belt, Valen continues to push boundaries with every release, crafting memorable tunes that are as emotive as they are pumping.  With an impressive knack for sound design and groove, nearly everything he touches feels just as underground as it does commercial.

To kick off the year, Mickey Valen is back on Cloudkid Records for the second time with his new single, “Ur Perfect I Hate It“.  This time he has teamed up with Berklee College grad, buzz-worthy vocalist Emilia Ali.  On the new release, Emilia delivers a haunting, seductive performance on top of a gritty yet uplifting production laid out by Valen.  With a guitar driven hook, deep basslines and ominous ambient textures setting the tone, both artists put their best foot forward on their latest offering to create an absolute jam that I will be rocking for sometime to come.

About the release Mickey Valen says, “When you’ve been through shitty relationships, it’s difficult to accept when things are actually going well with someone. When I was writing this song, it occurred to be that I’d been seeing the same person for 10 months exclusively, and I was like- oh fuck, this is real now, so if something goes wrong it’s gonna hurt. But the truth is I’m just really happy with my relationship right now.  In a weird, self-sabotage-y way, it’d be easier if something went wrong soon, cause then I could leave before I get really hurt. Which is where “you’re perfect I hate it” came from. It’s easy to get caught up worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, but in reality, it’s really cool to feel happy with someone.


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