Ariane Puts Her Feelings on Full Display with ‘Museum’

Since officially launching her solo career just last year, French-American artist Ariane has been turning heads with her own blend of empowering, moody, dynamic Pop.  Still riding high from the support she was able to secure in 2019, Ariane has recently unveiled her first single of 2020, titled, “Museum”.

Over a driving electronic production laden with ambient textures, deep basslines and percolating synth stabs, Ariane allows her angelic vocals to sit front and center.  With an anthemic hook, attitude laced verses and just the right balance between sass and pride, Ariane is able to craft a memorable and touching tune that is without a doubt a stellar addition to her budding catalog.  

About the single, Ariane says, “As a woman, I’ve experienced many “cat-calling” encounters while walking innocently through the streets. “Museum” was inspired by the uncomfortable, discriminative and dehumanizing feeling I was overcome with.”  Hoping to inspire listeners, raise awareness and engage them on a journey to stand up for human dignity, women empowerment and gender equality – Ariane makes sure that beneath her beautiful vocals and clean production lies a message that everyone can relate to. 


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