Rad Cat Teams up with Dutch Melrose for ‘Love & Illusions’ EP

Sometimes when you first hear of an artist, it is hard to understand how they haven’t yet landed on your radar.  Raised in San Diego, producer Rad Cat has had plenty of success, even if you haven’t yet paid him any attention – but that’s about to change. 

With credits under his belt working alongside artists like Blackbear, Enrique Iglesias, Kevin Gates, Mike Posner, and T-Pain, Rad Cat is ready to step out from behind the scenes and into public consciousness with his, “Love & Illusions”, EP.  What marks a new era for the buzzing young producer, his new project is unadulterated and wholly him, putting it all on the line to show the world what what he is made of as a solo artist.  

Created in collaboration with Dutch Melrose, the 3-track project, lead by single, “How Could I”, is beautifully crafted and not only shows off Rad Cat’s impressive production chops, but also helps to prove that he can write one hell of a song.  With haunting synth melodies opening the track, smooth vocals are quickly brought into the fold before the track builds into a frenzy for the drops.  The dynamic tune is equal parts mood and technicality as complex rhythms, concise drum programming and a lush mix all come together to create the finished product.  Do yourself a favor and check this EP out. 


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