Emerging artist ISA drops new single “Gravity”

If you’re up to date with the ins and outs of popular music, then you might have noticed that more than ever before, the days of artists needing to box themselves into just one genre are long over. From Lil Nas X’s country-rap crossover hit “Old Town Road” to the Weeknd’s entire Starboy album – a mashup of glam, pop, and urban, we are living through an exciting era of music experimentation. Swedish singer-producer ISA is no stranger to genre-bending. From rap, dance, to pop – a journey through her back catalogue quickly cements the fact, this is an artist with nothing holding her back stylistically. 

With its salsa-pop inspired vocals and “Real Slim Shady”-esque beat, latest single “Gravity” builds on ISA’s urban pop vibe, drawing inspiration from the more popular than ever, latin-pop that’s swept mainstream music in recent years. It’s a sonic mash-up that seems to work harmoniously with ISA’s sultry voice. Hitting all the high notes with finesse, “Gravity” is an incredibly catchy track with a chorus that’s made for singing along with. Be sure to play this one loud!


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