Female Rapper Vbae Releases Brand New Track “Drugz”

Victoria Peredetto, professionally known as Vbae, has officially released the music video for her track “Drugz”. “Drugz” emits a sensually empowered attitude that’s bound to resonate with fans. Born in Boston, MA, Vbae has been in the limelight since the age of 14. With beginnings as both a model and actress, her beloved fanbase would agree that her transition to the world of music was no less than organic. “I started out writing R&B lyrics about love and not really expressing myself the way I wanted to,” she says. Writing about her emotions caused things to click and combining her newly found creativity with her experience in entertainment directed her to Hip Hop, where it’s safe to say she flows naturally.

Refreshingly versatile, Vbae’s willingness to experiment with her delivery sets her apart from the pack. She’s undoubtedly above the bar and performatively, not the least bit shy behind the camera. Her sense of style catches eyes and in the video for “Drugz” she wears a royal blue mesh bodysuit with yellow heels, showing fans her fashion sense and sensuality, while rapping lyrics like: “Time is money throw some bandz in it”. Refrencing money, sex and power, Vbae asserts a high class dominense that keeps viewers watching from beginning to end. This self-edited video proves her ability to wear all hats; further demonstrating her talent and versatility. A committed vegan, Vbae hopes to make an impact with the platform that music has given her to reach people on a larger scale. Working out ideas for a vegan truck, she proves to be about more than just the music. 

Be sure to follow Vbae on Facebook & Instagram!


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