Olivia Lunny Hits Again With Her Latest Pop Ballad ‘Think of Me’

Canadian pop sensation Olivia Lunny has just released her new smash single, “Think of Me.” In this bouncy post-breakup ballad Lunny is reminiscent of her ex-lover.

“Everytime I close my eyes, I picture us on a Friday night, I remember our last summer, now I wonder. Do you think of me?”


Lunny reflects on her old love, wishing it would come back around just one more time. “Think of Me” embodies all the elements of a smash record from songwriting to vocal performance, topped off by quality production. We know Lunny for her ability to craft relatable stories while delivering a strong vocal performance. Since releasing her highly praised self-titled EP in early 2018, Lunny has created an indie cult-like following by consistently releasing content via music and blogs. The talented rising star strikes with another hot song. This looks to be a summertime anthem.


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