Róisin Marie drops smooth new single “Stormy Weather”

Róisin Marie is a New York-based, emerging singer and songwriter with some of the most sultry vocals I’ve heard. Having recently signed to independent label SMG Ent, Róisin only just released her first single “Fade Away” this February, and it’s already garnering strong critical praise.

Her sophomore single, “Stormy Weather” capitalizes on Róisin’s stunning voice even more, with ultra smooth vocals layered over an R&B influenced guitar. It’s a chill vibe with enticing, yet powerfully understated pop hooks – a perfect sonic concoction that gives Róisin’s music a unique, almost otherworldly feel.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Róisin explains: “Sometimes you don’t really like the person you’re dating! But staying in a failing relationship is sometimes more comfortable than losing everything that comes with it. So stormy weather goes on and on about how much I wished the person I was with could somehow stop ruining the good parts of our relationship.”

Check out “Story Weather” below and stay up to date with Róisin’ by following her on Instagram.

One thought on “Róisin Marie drops smooth new single “Stormy Weather”

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