Fall in Love with Elina and Her Easy Vocal Performance on ‘Blue’

We’re falling in love with Swedish singer/songwriter Elina’s new single “Blue”. Her soft vocal work, feels like an warm hug. It’s no surprise she’s destined for her own career, having written songs for breakout acts like Zara Larsson, Astrid S, and NEIKED, with NEIKED being a hit, winning a platinum award and racking up 338 Million streams since it’s 2016 release date.

Blue” is her latest offering and an honest reflection and personal piece of work. Elina shares, “There’s a certain bittersweetness when you realise you’ve actually moved on from something. You’ve gone through all the stages, the pain, the denial and then finally acceptance. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, how there’s like an awakening when you don’t hurt anymore and the brighter memories start to outshine the sad ones. You’re not as emotionally attached as before. ‘Blue’, to me, is about that. About letting the past be a part of you, and appreciate where it has taken you and how it has shaped you.” Fall in love with Elina right here, right now.


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