ARCHI & PELAGO Treat Us To Enchanting New INDIE Single- ‘RIVER’

Brothers, Joakim and Magnus Wallin come together, with vocalist Oskar Nilsson, to give us STOCKHOLM based Indie band Archi & Pelago. The three bonded, in 2018, through their shared love of the Beach Boys harmonious vocal sound and the folk-style guitar of Paul Simon, and honestly, they’ve nailed the sound pioneered by their inspirations! ‘RIVER’ is an INDIE/POP jam that could fit center album on the BEATLES Magical Mystery Tour’, the BEACH BOYSPet Sounds‘, or PAUL SIMON’SThere Goes Rhymin’Simon‘, without skipping a beat, but also has a very fresh and warm feeling that is unique to itself.

‘River’ is a bittersweet pop song about seeking comfort & stillness in another person or a state of mind.

ARCHI & PELAGO‘s debut single, ‘GROUNDHOG DAY‘, earned them a Deniz Pop Award and set them off in the right direction. The track was early on featured in a global GoPro online campaign that reached over 1 million followers and airplayed by over 10 different American college radio stations. It was also aired in one of the episodes of the popular american TV show ‘Shameless’ on Showtime.

The Trio, has a fun light-hearted sound drawing from great influences in music history, and likely, have a lot to look forward to!

Check out other songs from the band here:


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