Isabel Wood’s ‘Mind Reader’ is a Pop Lovers Dream

Following up on a couple of really well received singles,  and having since racked up hundreds of thousands of plays, buzzing Aussie Isabel Wood stuns with her latest tune, “Mind Reader“, which reads like a sassy Pop tune and open letter to anyone not speaking the truth.  Produced by Tom Eggert, the track premiered on Triple J Unearthed, her latest jam is a smooth and enchanting release of which she says, “Mind Reader was born out of my frustration with people never saying what they truly think or feel. Like, if I’ve upset you or if you want something, you could save us all a LOT of time by spitting-it-out to begin with rather than me having to draw it out of you!

Soft melodies, swiftly move along with Isabel’s sugary vocal performance. Vulnerable lyrics meet an honest delivery under the pop melodies are just a snapshot of what you can expect to hear from Australian pop artist Isabel WoodStay tuned for more from Wood this coming 2020.


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