Joel Blackmon: Concise Wisdom on “If I Didn’t Know You”

Joel Blackmon is a 20 year old singer-songwriter from Nashville TN who makes music that is wise and emotionally-aware beyond his years. The young romantic’s latest song “If I Didn’t Know You” is the second single released off his upcoming EP All My Friends Are Lonely. The track connects with the hypothetical question that many who are in committed relationships ask themselves: What kind of person would I be without them? Blackmon talks through this scenario with bare-bones instrumentation at first, allowing the listener to solely focus on his words. The music develops, starting with a cool guitar lick and syncopated snare hits, growing into a calm march through the hypothetical. Blackmon takes a simple route to examine the infinitely complicated realm of the uncertain.

Joel Blackmon’s calm approach to such real and raw feelings is what makes him a great songwriter. As he grows as a musician, artist, and person his catalogue and credentials will grow as well to reflect his talent. “If I Didn’t Know You” can be seen as a landmark passed, in which he accomplishes saying a lot without actually doing a lot. His upcoming EP is certainly something to look forward to as the young songwriter expands his talents for all of the world to hear.


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