Daimy Lotus Reminds us It’s “OK that it’s not OK”

Dutch singer/songwriter Daimy Lotus has hit us with he her first solo track since her debut EP, “15”, in 2015. After releasing the EP at just 18 years old, Daimy Lotus was acknowledged by Dutch radio station 3FM who labeled her as ‘Serious Talent.’ From then she went on to play numerous festivals and eventually did a tour, hitting 20 different Dutch cities. Her comfort on stage began even earlier, however, as she would be seen performing in various public spaces at as young as 5 years old. Following the success of her first EP, from 2017 to 2019, she focused on writing for other artists and mastering the art of collaboration. But she is back now with her contemplative solo track “OK that it’s not OK”:

The track proves remarkably topical as everyone continues to struggle through unprecedented world circumstances. As the title indicates, the song is about finding peace and acceptance in a situation that is difficult or undesirable; being ok that things might not be all that ok. The strong chords and stripped back production allow for her gifted voice to carry the track towards a righteous and emotion-filled chorus. This new track is one that is sure to make you think and reflect–poised to become a post-breakup anthem.


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