Two Neighbors Drop Moody Self-Titled Debut EP

Recently we were introduced to hard-pop duo Two Neighbors, who immediately grabbed out attention with their gritty yet commercial sound thanks to their single, “Back Then“.

Comprised of producer Andre and singer & lyricist Sophie, Two Neighbors have teamed up with Cloudkid to kick things up a notch in 2020.  Having teased fans with a couple of singles from their debut, self-titled EP, they have recently unveiled the full project which has surpassed expectations.  The 5 track EP not only shows off the duos impressive songwriting and moody production, but also helps to set them apart as they deliver incredibly moody bops that are as edgy as they are vibrant.

Having only launched Two Neighbors just last year, 2020 has without a doubt been an impressive year for the buzzing duo.  With a whole lot more up their sleeves, now is the time to take notice and hop on the bandwagon.  Check out the full project below and make sure you save your favs to your personal playlists!


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