Matias returns with intoxicating new single and video “Embrujándome” (“Bewitching Me”)

Rising Latin-pop artist Matias has returned with his intoxicating new single and video, called “Embrujándome” (“Bewitching Me”). Just in time for Summer’s end, the uptempo track sets Matias’ smooth vocals against a crisp production to create a mesmerizing, danceable beat – perfect for the warm nights ahead

In the video, we follow the story of a man who out of frustration with his mundane daily grind, has finally broken, and abruptly quit his job. Seeking solace, he ventures into the woods only to encounter a mysterious woman whom he believes to be in a similar predicament. However, all is not what it seems. After sharing a drink from her flask, he’s about to find out just how “bewitching” she truly is. 

Embrujándome” is the third single Matias has released this year. It follows the success of the “Llamas” and “No Me Dejes Solo” singles, which have so far accumulated over 400K views on YouTube. Stirring up critical excitement, Univision’s Uforia dubbed Matias as having an “incredible voice” and “lyrics you’ll identify with”. A natural-born storyteller, Matias’ songwriting captures audiences with relatable narratives about love, as well as paying homage to his roots through Colombian folklore.

Watch the video below!


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