Laur Elle Pens Honest Reflection of Broken Relationships In Cinematic Track “All That We Didn’t”

Sometimes relationships fall apart not because of things each person did, but rather what they didn’t. Canadian singer-songwriter Laur Elle explores this retrospective sentiment in her single “All That We Didn’t.” 

Blending hints of 90s rock with a modern pop edge, “All That We Didn’t” comprises of coursing synths and airy vocals. Though the track is minimal in instrumentation, it’s lush in lyric content. Some cut deeper than others, like “now we’re throwing the blame / should’ve just stayed” and “everything was changing / I got sick of holding,” while the title line “all that we didn’t” echoes like the hindsight of this broken relationship.

Laur Elle grew up in Alberta, Canada and trained to be a national level gymnast before choosing music in high school. Be sure to check out Laur Elle’s debut EP The Art Of Pretending for more cinematic tunes.


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