Hip Hop Artist CLKSDNTWORK Continues Momentum In Dynamic New Single “Wait” feat. Gray

Antoine Medina aka CLKSDNTWRK has dropped his versatile new single “Wait“, available now on all streaming platforms. “Wait” is a collaborative effort featuring Gray that demonstrates the way that two entirely different and unique flows can come together to form a true masterpiece. Right away, CLKS lets listeners know that he is all about his business and his lyrical delivery pairs seamlessly over the melodic instrumental. His energy is contagious and Gray’s catchy hook provides an organic addition to the track.

Covering tough topics like addiction, grievance and life in quarantine offers a relatable, authentic and humanized narrative that we all need in 2020. The concept of having to ‘wait’ right now leans heavy on all of us and “Wait” joins in the sentiment of how frustrating that can be. Regardless, his ambition remains as he delivers stark punches like “Skipping vacation cause we haven’t won”. This is only the beginning for CLKS and Gray. The two have experienced sincere momentum in 2020 and they continue to close out the year the same way they started it. Because to be honest, there’s no time to ‘wait’.


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