Indie/Electronic Duo BOO SEEKA Drop New Single- Days Get Better

Australia based duo, Boo Seeka have released the second single from their newest album. DAYS GET BETTER is the second, released single, from the groups much anticipated, second album. The song delivers an unrelenting rhythm, accompanied with a heart-pumping synth melody. Paired with smooth, and Electronic vocal sounds. Even so, the jam still manages to push forward an Indie-Rock vibe, solidified by it’s lyrical content posing the question “How long til’ the days get better?”, which perfectly embodies the feeling of the year. “Sticking to the rules and regulations that are needed to wipe this pandemic, let’s just say the process of recording this record has been a roller coaster. With everything changing day by day, we can only hope that soon, the days will get better for everyone”– Says the pair, of their latest single. Days Get Better is most definitely a jam you will be happy to bump, whether quarantined at home and doing some cleaning, or driving alone in your car questioning the “new norm” while your surgical mask swings from the rear view.

Since BOO SEEKA’S debut, in 2015, with their debut single ‘Kingdom Leader’, the duo has amassed over 15 million streams. They have stood out amongst Australia’s thriving music scene, as artists to be watched, thriving with each new release. Known for their, unique sound and energetic performances in both studio and on stage, the pair have dominated at home.

In 2017, the groups debut album, ‘Never Too Soon’, acquired critical acclaim, debuting at #8 on The ARIA album charts. Boo Seeka’s Electronic/Indie sound and energy have landed them in multiple homeland music festivals, as well as allowing them to sell out tours internationally, across Australia, North America and Europe.

This duo, is worth the hype and one of the best things to come out of Australia, since shrimp on the bah’b!

Listen to more from Boo Seeka, here:


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