Stileto Get Emo on New Single ‘State of Mind’

Since making their debut just earlier this year with their single ‘cravin‘, highly anticipated duo Stileto are making sure they keep the heat on as they look to close out 2020. Bringing a fresh sound coupled with impressive production chops and a genre-bending appeal, Stileto are only getting started.

Most recently they have fanned the flames with their new release, “State of Mind“, featuring vocals from Mason Musso. Their new emo inspired offering brings a dynamic feel thanks for thick synths, heavy drum programming and an incredibly emotive vocal performance from Musso.

About the single, Stileto says, “Mason (Metro Station) and Isaiah (½ Stileto) met over a decade ago while co-writing and producing a song for Mason’s younger brother, Mitchel Musso (Hannah Montana). Fast forward 10 years later, Rob asked Joey, who he met in Boston years ago, to write lyrics and melody for State Of Mind. The song is open to the listeners interpretation whether that be an unsettled relationship or the state of society.”


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