Thoughts From Folk Artist Tom Houston

The enigmatic Scottish folk artist Tom Houston talks us through his dream show and his inspiration.

A Dream Gig

I’d work with Enrique Vargas (read here).

We’d work with the dislodged and disadvantaged and with the rich and powerful. We’d work on a worldwide labyrinth of the senses. The ‘cast’ would be trusted guides who would work with the participants on a one to one basis. The guides are gentle and trained to connect. The participants in the labyrinth are blindfolded. This is done not to disorientate or frighten, but to help awaken the other aspects of sense. Enrique talks about the one ‘sense’ with different ‘windows’ into it. The eyes tend to dominate. So using the blindfolds is about boosting smell, touch, sound, taste.

There would not be one ‘location’. We would set it up throughout the world. It would take place prior to a United Nations Event.

My Inspiration

I wrote my first song in quite a while a few weeks back.

I was speaking to a friend’s partner who said. ‘He’s still asleep. He didn’t sleep so well last night’

I used that as a starting point. I used my own experiences of  a ‘bad night’s sleep’ as a reference point, and just let the imagination roll and followed the trail.

Watch the beautiful music video for Tom Houston’s single ‘I Am The River #33’…

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