boy pablo delights with Indie/Pop single- ‘Leave Me Alone!’

Chilean-Norwegian singer/songwriter boy pablo (Nicolas Munoz) is set to release his first full length studio album Wachito Rico translating to “Damn Fine” , on October 23, 2020. With it, comes his newest single, ‘leave me alone!’, a very fun and upbeat Indie/Pop bop. In the studio, boy pablo writes, performs, records, and produces all of his music. The young artist has been making music since 2015, gaining traction in 2017 with his music video for the song ‘Everytime’ being popularized on YOUTUBE.

‘leave me alone!’ is a perfect POP jam, with an energetic electric/pop melody and vocal track. The lyrics are fun and youthful, about enjoying yourself and not wanting to stop hanging out. “I don’t wanna go home, I’m fine right here, just leave me alone!” is the main line of the chorus, expressing the true story behind the title.

boy pablo’s own independent label 777 Records, released his debut duology concept EP’s and is set to release the upcoming album Wachito Rico, sporting ‘leave me alone!’. Out of nominations for six Norwegian Grammy Awards, Boy Pablo has won two, and has additionally been nominated for three GAFFA Awards and one P3 Gull award, winning the P3 Gull.

Listen to more from boy pablo, here:


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