Becky Hill Gets Candid On New Single “Space”

Riding off the success of her chart topping single “Heaven On My Mind,” Becky Hill brings us a new side of her on the anthemic, dance-ballad “Space.”

“Space” tackles the differing ways in which emotional baggage affects a relationship. Opening with a melodic piano ostinato, the singer songwriter cuts deep with the first line: “It’s like we’re only honest on the weekend.” Hill provides a glimpse into what it feels like to take the brunt of the blame from a partner, and, after one-to-many accusations, result in the need for space. She notes, though, how there is hope for the relationship when each person spends some time apart. Talking about the song’s importance to her, Hill says:

“‘Space’ is a very personal song that seems a million miles away for me now. I’m proud of this song for many reasons. Actually, it’s the most honest I’ve ever been with myself, let alone the public. Produced by Mark Ralph, Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, with vocal production from Ryan Ashley, this song has felt like a step up and a step out for me as an artist.”

Whereas “Heaven On My Mind” exemplified personal growth, “Space” acknowledges the backroads you may need to take when navigating a relationship with a partner trying to figure out their own personal baggage.

Hill has set listeners up perfectly for what is next to come for the powerhouse singer. With her debut album anticipated to release March 19th, 2021, Becky Hill is proving once again what makes her Britain’s most in demand musical export.


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