Heartless The Monster unveils sweeping RnB groove ‘Say What You Wanna’

Following on from the release of his heavily-praised single ‘Guava’, which recently broke through the 100k barrier on Spotify as well as receiving airplay on numerous US radio stations, San Antonio-based singer, rapper and songwriter Heartless The Monster is now looking to continue that impressive momentum with the release of his latest jam ‘Say What You Wanna’.

Blending a mix of soft and sweeping RnB tones with a hard and pulsing hip-hop aesthetic gives ‘Say What You Wanna’ a truly genre-bending feel. Switching between seductive and supple vocals before unleashing a forceful and energetic rap at the halfway point gives the release a vibrant and free-flowing direction that very few can pull off well.

Speaking about his new release, he said, “This is one of those weird songs for me where I love everything about it, but I hate the feeling behind the words. I take love pretty seriously so I’m not a fan of people just using that word recklessly and that feeling is what this song is rooted in. It’s almost begging someone to be real with you and not use that word unless they really know what it means and are ready for everything that comes with it. I think everyone has either been or been with someone who mistook a general desire to not be alone for a specific attraction to someone else, and it always hurts when you realise that’s all it was, like “whoops i thought i was in love with you but it turns out i just don’t like being alone”. That’s what the song is about for me, just know yourself well enough to know if what you’re feeling is real because I don’t want to fall in love if I’m going to be the only one that’s falling.”

Listen to ‘Say What You Wanna’ below.


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