AXLS Give Us All Something To Dance To With Latest Release ‘Discotek’

Want something to dance to? You got it right here, with this electro-pop hit ‘Discotek’ from UK trio AXLS

If you haven’t heard of AXLS yet, where have you been? AXLS’ debut concept album, ‘First Contact’, arrived in early 2020. The album followed the tale of humanity’s battle with an alien race and each track represents a different chapter of the story. The group are now planning to release a few singles before moving onto their next big project. ‘discotek’ is an electropop dance track and is the first to be released.

An arpeggiated synth lead and haunting basslines give a dark edge to this distinct shade of pop. As does Victoria Owsnett’s lead vocal which is powerful and haunting, with a beautiful range hitting all of the chorus’ high notes effortlessly. You can definitely hear the influences cited by the band in this track – Kraftwerk and The Human League, mixed with modern bands like CHVRCHES and LCD Soundsystem. 

‘Discotek’ is a curious and memorable dive into the darker depths of pop and it adds to the AXLS portfolio which is perfect to dip into when you’re wanting something catchy and sleek. The band’s extra-terrestrial sound is infectious, and makes us wonder what’s round the corner for this ambitious trio… 

Watch the video for ‘Discotek’ here:

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