Nashville-based HAYL drops her ode to vulnerability “I Will”

Known for her realness and no-holds barred approach to lyricism, Nashville-based singer-songwriter HAYL makes meaningful music that encourages human-connection and vulnerability. For that reason alone, we think everyone should check out her music to listen for themselves! Beyond her beautifully written words, is also ultra-catchy production work and HAYL’s ethereal vocals, making this artist a must-listen for all indie-pop lovers. Latest single “I Will” is no exception to the rule.

“I Will” channels inspiration from a real life experience for HAYL. After dating someone who wanted to “change everything about her that she loved most”, HAYL realized she wanted to embrace herself for exactly who she was, flaws and all. “I Will” is a reminder, in HAYL’s own words, “that you should never change for anyone – you a deserving of love no matter what”. That’s a sentiment that we at RDFO can get onboard with.

Check-out “I Will” below:


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