Fabich and Will Simms Are Nothing But Good Vibes On “No Way”

Producers Fabich and Will Simms have teamed up and are expressing their love of Gipsy Kings. Recruiting rising UK pop star Call Me Loop as well, Fabich and Will Simms are through their new tune “No Way.” 

Taking the melody of “Bamboleo” and reworking it for an infectious pop tune, Fabich and Will Simms present a song exuding solely good vibes. Leaving a toxic person can be hard, but freeing once the deed is done. The melodic bass and vibrant percussive elements convey a sense of pride in refusing to take back this person in any regard, especially through lyrics like “say you turned a leaf but it’s never enough” and “I know I’m worth more than the value you put on me.”

Both Fabich and Will Simms have co-wrote and produced tunes for Sean Kingston, Lost Frequencies, Pussycat Dolls, Shaggy, and MAX. Fabich continues to bend genres, as we saw in his previous collab with duo Fika on “Missing Me.” Will Simms launched his solo project with his single “Chariot,” which went on to be featured in Usain Bolt’s feature film My Life and has worked with the likes of Zak Able, Chad Hugo, Dagny, and Omi.


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