Jaeo Draftpick Releases Hard-Hitting New Single ‘Counted Me Out’ [VIDEO]

There’s something about Jaeo Draftpick that makes him stick out of the crowd; maybe it’s his seamless vocals, or his lyrical talent. Either way, Jaeo knows how to write a fire track. It’s only been a few days since I heard, “Counted Me Out“, by Jaeo Draftpick for the first time, and I already have the tune on repeat. 

We all know what it’s like to feel rejected or counted out. Whether by a job, person, or ATM, we can all relate to feeling like something has left us stagnant. Jaeo Draftpick, really translates this feeling with his new release, “Counted Me Out”, in which he tells the story of how he rose from this hate. Coming from the land of Public Enemy, EPMD, De La Soul, Chuck D, Erick Sermon and more, Jaeo Draftpick has made it his mission to help lead the charge for the new wave of Long Island’s rap stars. He has already made his mark in the New York scene, enjoying spins from DJ’s Enuff, Clue, Prostyle, and more.

Counted Me Out” finds the perfect balance between new wave melodies and vicious bars to deliver one of his best tracks to date. The beat is solid, and the lyrics really serve to lift up all of his fans. Showing no sign of letting up, Jaeo Draftpick is just getting started, and the time to pay attention is now.


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