Michael Gerow Mourns Lost Love On “Broken”

Not every love is accepted or reciprocated. That can leave a deep wound and a lasting scar to follow. This pain is best expressed through Michael Gerow’s latest tune “Broken.”

The simple tune packs more than a punch to the gut. Driven by the melancholy acoustic guitar, the tune grows through its detailed lyrics and subtle musical accents. Lulling ooo’s allows the song to flow naturally like breathing, while the gang vocals on some choruses echo the notion that losing out on love isn’t a solo endeavor. Gerow delivers the hardest lyric right from the beginning: “Told you ‘I love you’ the day our love died.” Each new line is just as deep and relatable as the last.

The 16-year-old Saint Louis artist is a new singer-songwriter to become acquainted with. We can only imagine there is so much more in store for the young artist.

One thought on “Michael Gerow Mourns Lost Love On “Broken”

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