KALI Debuts Solo Career With “Back To The Start”

At only sixteen, KALI –a singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer– breaks through with a mature sound and lyrics beyond her years. Her debut single “Back To The Start” is launching the young indie artist towards rockstar status.

Delivering an upbeat indie bop, “Back To The Start” captures the post-break up after thoughts. Her delicate vocals echo like the reminder that “it hurts too bad to live in the past” and provide a perfect contrast to the punchy production. You can hear KALI truly embracing her individuality in this song. Remarking on her solo career, KALI explains:

“As I got older, I started to have experiences that were much more emotional and personal, and songwriting became an actual necessity instead of something that was fun for me to do.”

A few years ago, KALI began writing and recording her brand of glistering, catchy indie-rock songs and assembled her first band Big Wednesday. Their relatable and honest indie-surf arrangements drew sweaty, teenage crowds to local Los Angeles venues like The Smell and The Viper Room. The young artist may be on her own now, but we can continue to expect great things.

2 thoughts on “KALI Debuts Solo Career With “Back To The Start”

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